by Bridget Puchalsky


1. Be Your Best Self in 2016

You are ready to kick off 2016 feeling vibrant, light and clear. Cleansing is a way to set your intentions for the year ahead. We all hold fast – in body, mind, and lifestyle – to old habits and past emotions. By modifying diet and creating new daily rituals, your cleanse will launch your year in the best direction for healthy vitality. Your cleanse will promote optimal health.


2. Boost Immunity

Ever wonder why some people tend to get sick every time a cold or flu comes around, while others seem to rarely catch a bug? This often has more to do with immunity than with exposure to exterior pathogens. Ayurvedic cleansing boosts our immunity by reinvigorating the body’s natural defense mechanisms such as restored skin tissue, improved lymph tissue drainage, and increased hydration. During the cleanse you’ll boost your immunity and learn how to keep it year round.


3. Feel Deeply Nourished with Energy, Vitality, and Enthusiasm.

During the holidays, perhaps in spite of a concerted effort to continue eating healthy and nourishing foods, you may have found reason to overindulge in sweets, comfort foods, or alcohol. In our week of cleansing you’ll have both group and professional support to make the most beneficial choices for your body and overall wellbeing for the days and months ahead. Your cleanse will help to maintain and restore healthy body weight.


4. Get Smarter

Ever heard of the term “gut brain”, also known as the enteric nervous system? This is the portion of the nervous system located in your digestive tract. When digestion is working well, it provides overall health and the “gut brain” is nourished and clear. When digestion is sluggish, usually the gut is congested. When congested, the tissue impacts the enteric nervous system and our memory decreases, our brain gets foggy, and our nervous system is overactive. A cleanse will help to restore a calm,clear mind and restore your body’s intelligence.


5. Slow Down

In the same way that taking the time to practice yoga can inject a whole day with ease, taking the time for balanced regular meals and daily rituals will open up your day. When we make time to care for ourselves, we actually create more time in the day and uncover more energy to give to family and friends. Your week of cleansing will help you find time for YOU.