Emotional Support

Help manage stress, anxiety

grief, and loss

Physical Support

Receive guidance
through yoga & massage

Alternative Medicine

Use Chinese Medicine and essential oils

to boost immunity and leverage health

Regain your Strength!

A 6-week program to gain strength, balance, and better health.

The Exercises

Yoga Informed Fitness

Yoga & Mindfulness techniques

can help you to:

  • Rebuild your strength
  • Gain back a sense of balance
  • Increase Mental Focus and Clarity
  • Manage Chronic Pain
  • Fortify Your Wellness Goals


42 days of energizing, calming and centering yoga practices

designed by a practitioner with over 20 years of expertise.

“I will have to say more than physical improvement, my mental health has definitely improved through yoga with Luma.”

Yoga Informed Small Group Fitness

6 Weeks to Rebuilding Your Strength, Reducing

Effects of Stress and Jumpstarting your Metabolism

  • Build a stronger physical and mental system in just 42 days
  • Gather with others on your path to health and wellness
  • Make sure your body is at your healthiest


Barbara Lish, RYT


Barbara has explored the physical practices of yoga since the early 2000’s. While learning to cope with her own autoimmune disorder, Barbara became a certified Health Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Her approach to good health is a mixture of fitness, nutrition, mindfulness, and finding joy in each day, and she loves guiding people to discover their own balance.


Barbara has relocated to Santa Cruz after living in Switzerland for nearly two years and Aspen, CO before that. When she’s not on her yoga mat or holding space for a family, she’s either tinkering with a gluten-free recipe or playing outside: hiking in the redwoods, surfing and tidepooling, and cultivating her edible garden!


Elena Kelly, RYT-500

Elena believes that cultivating a joyful existence comes from a compassionate connection to the self. Her yoga lessons offer this connection, through a dynamic relationship of challenge and nurturance to the body, while holding a mirror to life’s cognitive tendencies, and emotional patterns.

With a 500-hr Yoga Alliance certification and a background in Hatha, Restorative, and Therapeutic Yoga, as well as specialized Yoga For Cancer training, her classes are rhythmic, they balance gentle strengthening and passive release, and encourage the practitioner to turn awareness inward to strengthen bodymind connection and sense of self. In partnership with PAMF, Elena’s Yoga for Cancer classes are designed to bring students relief from pain, fatigue, stress, and anxiety by creating a positive and efficient internal environment. Through an advanced knowledge of functional anatomy and yoga alignment principles, Elena offers creative yet safe asana sequencing with deliberate guidance and fluid communication. With over 8 years of teaching experience in public, corporate, and private environments, adaptive instruction to fit an individuals needs is fundamental to Elena’s teaching style and strengthens her belief in cultivating self awareness and compassion on the yoga mat and in everyday life.

Find more information about Elena’s public classes and teaching schedule HERE.



Zoe Kosovic, CMT, RYT-200


Zoë is fascinated and motivated by the human capacity for resilience, innovation, and grace, qualities which are physically embodied through the practice of yoga asana. Her years of experience as a Certified Massage Therapist, master-level Reiki practitioner, and yogi have shown her the healing potency of creating space to allow the bodymind to exercise its genius. She views yoga as an opportunity to shape, embody, and breathe life into our cosmology, allowing for transformation to occur through the individual for the collective.


Zoë’s approach to teaching yoga reflects the human need for play, creative experimentation, and connection to the natural world. Yoga gifts us with a key to a limitless toolbox for living well and Zoë aims to facilitate a vital practice that grows and develops with the individual. Through her own kooky body, she has learned that because every body is unique, every practice looks different, which is reflected in the permissive inclusivity of her teaching. Zoë’s devotion to somatic biomechanical investigation dovetails with gritty, practical woo to offer a unique experience of the bodymind.


Learn more about Zoe’s classes and services here.


Off the mat, she can often be found enjoying the fruits of her yoga practice while skating at the roller rink, romping around with her guru (a French bulldog & puggle mix named Ladybird), and studying the living love letter that is the honeybee.

“Thank you so much for being leaders in community and wellness, and for taking care of all of us.” ~Luma Client

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