New Student Challenge

10 Classes in 3 Weeks!

Limit one per person

First visit only

Meet the Mat Package   

Combine public classes + private instruction

For new and
returning clients   

Yoga + Wellness Membership

the ultimate luma yoga experience

Save over $100 per month!

Memberships + Pricing

With our flexible membership pricing you can spend between $6 – $14  per yoga class and pay as little as $90 for a wellness treatment. Please find some helpful information about our membership program below.

Luma’s Lotus Membership

12-month commitment

yoga & wellness options

Luma’s ½ LotusMembership

6-month commitment

yoga & wellness options


Luma offers affordable class rates in the form of memberships, class packs, and drop-ins. Our best discounts, however, reward a commitment to self-care through our Lotus and ½ Lotus Yoga Memberships.


Likewise, many clients decide that committing to regular wellness care is more suitable for them. A Wellness Membership at Luma enables them to receive a wellness treatment of their choice every month for the duration of their membership. Our Wellness page describes the treatments we currently specialize in.


For the ultimate Luma experience, you can combine Yoga + Wellness for a membership that offers all of our services to you: yoga, massage, acupuncture, and more, at a rate you can’t beat anywhere in town!


Perks of Becoming a Luma Member:

  • Receive 10% off retail purchases
  • Access to Unlimited Playschool for your kiddo, starting at $30/month
  • Gain access to exclusive members-only sales through the year
  • Kid’s Memberships can be used for classes, as well as Playschool
  • Take advantage of Luma’s classes & services at the steepest discounts!

Our Luma yoga staff are experts at finding the best yoga classes and wellness treatments for your lifestyle and will help you create a pathway to success. Want to know more? Contact us and we’d be happy to meet you!

Please Note:

  • Memberships are not available to purchase online, please contact us to learn more!
  • Lotus = 12 Month Membership
  • 1/2 Lotus = 6 Month Membership
  • Membership rates are charged monthly
  • Class memberships can be purchased as Unlimited, 1x/week, or 2x/week for ultimate flexibility, pun intended 😉
  • A one-time activation fee is applied for all new memberships
  • See your contract for complete list of terms & conditions
Yoga (for Kids & Adults)Month to Month½ LotusLotus
Unlimited Classes$122$102$82
1 Class/Week$67$60$52
2 Classes/Week$112$92$72
Yoga + Wellness ½ Lotus Lotus
Unlimited classes + 1 60 min treatment
Unlimited classes + 1 90 min treatment
Wellness ½ Lotus Lotus
1 60 min wellness treatment per month$100$90
1 90 min wellness treatment per month$135$125
  • Rates are charged monthly
  • Unlimited Class Membership [Month to Month] can be purchased as a single month, or auto-renewing
  • 1 & 2X/week classes do not ‘roll over’
  • See cancellation & suspension policies
  • A one-time $79 activation fee will be applied to all auto-renewing membership options. No activation fee if membership is paid full in advance

class pricing

specials + packages

New Student Challenge [10 Classes in 3 Weeks] $39

Meet the Mat Package$175

  • 1 Month Unlimited Classes
  • 1 60-Min Private Session
  • 1 30 Min Follow-Up Session
  • Save over $100!

4 Class Pass [1 Month Expiration]$75

Playschool Bundle [10 Sessions]$140

Drop-In Rates

Single Drop in Class$25

Single Drop in Playschool [up to 80 minutes] $20

College Student/Senior Drop-in [Available at the front desk with photo ID]$17

Single Month of Unlimited Classes$175

massage pricing

massage packages

4 Weeks Acute Care [4 60-min massages in 1 Month]$380

4 Weeks Acute Care [4 90-min massages in 1 Month]$520

Mother-to-Be Bliss Package$500

  • 3 Prenatal 90 Min Massages
  • 1 Postnatal 60 Min Massage
  • FREE Luma Blend Signature Essential Oil
  • Save over $50!

Massage Rates

60-Minute Massage$105

90-Minute Massage$145

30-Minute Lymphatic Drainage Massage with Becky Emerson$55

CBD Add-On (Add CBD oil to any massage to reduce inflammation, relieve overworked muscles, and relieve all kinds of tension)$20

acupuncture pricing

acupuncture packages

4 Weeks Acute Care [4 60-min Acu Treatments in 1 Month]$380

Pre-Birth Acupuncture Prep$570

    • 6 60-min acupuncture treatments
    • For weeks 36-40
    • Save $60!

Acupuncture Rates

75-Minute Brief Intake$145

90-Minute Standard Intake $185

90-Minute Fertility Basic Intake $225

90-Minute Fertility Comprehensive Intake $280

60-Minute Follow Up Treatment$105

60-Minute Pre-Birth/Labor Induction Treatment$105

30-Minute Immune Boost Treatment$55

We are pleased to announce that Anne Chiaramonte is now billing eligible insurance plans for her acupuncture services. Please inquire with our staff for more details, 831-325-2620.

craniosacral therapy pricing

craniosacral therapy packages

4 Weeks Acute Care [4 60-min treatments in 1 Month]$360

4 Weeks Acute Care [4 90-min treatments in 1 Month]$460

Craniosacral Therapy Rates

Adult or Infant Intake: 90 min$130

Adult or Infant Follow-up: 60 min$100

Blended Mama + Baby Custom Care:
(Acupuncture, Craniosacral, and Lactation support):

60-Minute Treatment$100
90-Minute Treatment$130

aromatherapy pricing

aromatherapy rates

Aromatherapy for Adults, Pre/Postnatal or Youth

60 min treatment$105
90 min treatment$145

Aroma Alchemy Partyfrom $150

  • Book for your next shower, birthday, celebration or event!

melt method pricing

melt method packages

4 Weeks Acute Care [4 60-min MELT Treatments in 1 Month]$380

4 Weeks Acute Care [4 90-min MELT Treatments in 1 Month]$520

MELT Method Rates

60-Minute Private Session$105

90-Minute Private Session $145

movement therapy pricing

movement therapy packages

4 Weeks Acute Care [4 60-min Movement Therapy Sessions in 1 Month]$380

4 Weeks Acute Care [4 90-min Movement Therapy Sessions in 1 Month]$520

Movement Therapy Rates

60-Minute Private Session $105

90-Minute Private Session$145

private yoga + yoga therapy pricing

private yoga packages

4 Weeks Acute Care [4 60-min Private Yoga Sessions in 1 Month]$380

4 Weeks Acute Care [4 90-min Private Yoga Sessions in 1 Month]$520

Meet the Mat Package $175

  • 1 60-Min Private Session
  • 1 Month Unlimited Yoga
  • 1 30-Min Follow-Up Session
  • Save over $100!

Private Yoga Rates

60-Minute Private Session $105

90-Minute Private Session$145