Is Luma open for business during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Yes and No. Luma prepared early for the changes that a rapidly spreading virus would mean for our community. We closed our doors to all in-person classes, services and retail purchases on March 14, 2020 and have shifted our offerings in accordance with state and local guidelines. However we are still able to host online classes and workshops.  You can sign up for all our classes on our schedule page. Though our means of reaching you has shifted, the root of our mission has not: to create and sustain a place of wellness and reprieve. 

I have questions about my membership now that we are Sheltering in Place, who do I talk to?

Please email Nina at [email protected] to discuss any changes or questions about your membership to our center. Thank you to our members who are staying active weather this storm. You are rockstars!

I’ve never taken yoga before, what class would be best for me?

We recommend starting out for your first time with our one of our Level ½ or Gentle Yoga classes. This way, you can familiarize yourself with the practice at a pace that is more accessible to beginners. We also regularly run Introduction to Yoga series, so be on the lookout for that as well!

Do I have to register for class in advance?

No. You are welcome to drop in to class without pre-registering. However, classes and childcare do fill up at certain times of day. Pre-registration will ensure that a spot will be available for you when you arrive. When visiting Luma for the first time, we recommend allowing an additional 10-15 minutes before the start of class so that you can complete the necessary paperwork. Please note that we have a 12-hour cancellation policy for all reserved spaces in classes and childcare.

I have never been to Luma. Do you have a special offer for new students?

Yes. If you are interested in trying out the studio, we encourage you to take advantage of our New Student Challenge: $28 for Unlimited Live-Stream Classes for 2 weeks. If you want a more immersive, individualized introduction to Luma, we suggest the Meet the Mat Package, which includes 2 private yoga sessions and 1 month of unlimited yoga.

Do I have to bring my own mat?

We encourage students to bring their own mats if they have them. If not, we have orange studio mats you are welcome to rent for $1. We sell a range of Jade and Manduka mats in our family boutique.

What does it mean to be a Luma member?

We want you to succeed in your self-care goals, so we encourage anyone and everyone committed to building wellbeing into their lives to become Members! We offer 6 month (½ Lotus) and 12 month (Lotus) Membership options with spectacularly discounted rates.  Clients can choose from Yoga Memberships including Unlimited Classes, 1 Class/Week, or 2 Classes/Week options, Wellness Memberships that enable 1 Wellness Appointment/month, or a combination for complete self-care.  All memberships come with a 10% discount on retail products,* and our kid’s memberships include childcare!

*supplements and essential oils excluded

I see you charge an activation fee for signing up for memberships.  Is there any way to get that waived?

Yes! A membership commitment from our clients in advance (and your solid commitment to your health and wellbeing) are what enable us to offer these spectacularly discounted 6 and 12-month memberships.  Pay upfront for the term and we waive your activation fee.   We know cash flow can be an issue, that’s why we offer the monthly auto-pay options.

You used to have a family membership.  Where did it go?

We found that the family memberships, which gave access to multiple family members weren’t practical or flexible.  Kids grow and their interests change.  Well-intentioned spouses or partners come for a little while, and then get distracted.  We found too many clients weren’t using them the way they thought they would, and wound up converting to a combination of Individual Membership and drop-ins for the kiddos.  The way we see it our expenses stay the same whether people are related to each other or not.  So rather than grouping membership for families, why not make it easier and offer discounted options that enable clients to customize the way their family members want to engage.  Our Unlimited, 1 Class Per Week, and 2 Classes Per Week memberships enable that flexibility and save our clients money.  Also, the kids’ memberships come with childcare!  If you have 2 or more children, inquire at the front desk about our sibling discounts!

Do you sell class passes?

Yes and No. Students come to yoga for the benefit of continued practiced. We want to see you here regularly and we know that coming to class consistently is what will help you feel your best. For this reason our best discounts reward clients who are committed  to regular self-care and can be found in our Lotus and ½ Lotus membership options.  However, for those clients who require more flexibility, and/or plan on coming less regularly, we do offer a 4 Class Pass with a 1 month expiration.   Have a 1 Class Per Week Membership but have the summer off and want to take a few more classes?  Want your child to do a couple of months of yoga between soccer and Christmas?  These passes can work nicely.  Plus, you can use them however you wish over the course of the month.    If you aren’t sure you can use the pass in 1 month, a class card might not be the best fit and so we invite you to enjoy the flexibility of our drop-in option.  Class passes are strictly non-refundable. Please note that we cannot gift unused classes from one client to another once a class pass has expired.  We do however donate any unused classes to our non-profit affiliates.

Is there an Unlimited Childcare option available for my child if I have an Unlimited Classes Membership?

No. You would simply purchase an Unlimited Classes, 1 Class per week or 2 Classes per week All-Inclusive Membership for your child with either a 6 or 12-month commitment.  Class cards and Drop-ins can also pay for childcare.  To keep it simple, all options can used for 1-hour or 1.5-hour childcare sessions.

What is your cancellation policy?

When enrolled in Lotus or ½ Lotus Membership options you are committed for the term of your contract (either 6 or 12 months).  After that memberships ‘roll-over’ into a month-to-month commitment at the same pricing.  We require 30-days written notice of cancellation, and promise you 30 days written notice of any rate changes to your membership after the initial term is complete.  To provide us your notice, just send an email to [email protected] requesting that we cancel your auto-pay option.  Any auto-pay scheduled within the 30-day notice period after your written notice is received will be your last.

Can I suspend my Membership?

Yes! Our memberships (lotus or ½ lotus) can be suspended in 1-month increments (for up to three months total for any 12 month membership, 1 month total for any 6 month membership) for a $20/month administrative fee. Auto-pay subscribers are required to provide written notification of the start and end of their suspension. Email your written notification to: [email protected] Auto-pay options may not be suspended retroactively.

My child has never been to childcare. Can I stay with him or her for the first session?

Optimally, parents stay with their children for 5-15 minutes to help them transition into care; and our childcare staff is happy to work with you to ensure a graceful transition for your child. However, we have found that if the child becomes accustomed to the parent’s presence in care, then it can become as difficult of a transition for the child then if the parent’s presence hadn’t been offered for the longer period of time. One of the advantages of our small childcare room and its proximity to the lounge is that it is easy for parents to come hang out around and near childcare, to get a sense of it before leaving your child. Childcare activities may include daily art projects, puzzle work, play with wooden toys, number/color/word games, song & dance time with musical instruments, reading, circle time, and creative movement. Babies and children crawling up to 6 years of age are welcome.

My child is a member, and has access to free childcare. Can my child be in care while I work in the Lounge?

No. Childcare at Luma is designed for parents to use while they are on site engaged in the services we offer – yoga classes, MELT, private sessions, specialty workshops, massage, acupuncture, lactation support, yoga therapy, movement therapy, aromatherapy, craniosacral therapy and birth support. We are pleased and happy to take care of your child during your appointments or classes at Luma.

Do I have to pay for my baby to attend your Postnatal Yoga classes?

No. We consider new mothers the students of those classes. Babies are their necessary companions and attend the class free of charge!

Do I have to pay for myself to attend Tiny/Tall Toddler & Me classes?

No. We consider your little ones the students of those classes. Parents are their necessary companions and attend the class free of charge!