Luma Yoga hosts classes and workshops lead by many of the best independent professionals in the industry. These professionals are highly trained and experienced in a variety of modalities. The collaboration of Luma’s community center, together with the professional’s expert skill, creates a complimentary-blended atmosphere supporting a wide variety of audiences. Descriptions of their classes are found below.


Looking for a workshop instead of a class?

Workshops and events at Luma are meant to address the diverse needs of our clients (you!) and are categorized so that you may quickly find what you are looking for:  Yoga & Movement, Birth & Baby, Kids Workshops, Parenting Workshops, and Special Events. View our entire workshop schedule by clicking on the workshops tab in the menu above.

Align & Shine

This exciting and fun-filled All Levels yoga class offers an opportunity for new and experienced yogis to challenge bodies and uplift spirits. Students will practice energizing sun salutations and breath work with an emphasis on proper alignment. Modifications are offered as well as variations for encouraging student growth and self confidence. Accompanied by fun music and a light hearted spirit, this class is a great way to start your day!

Alignment Flow

Are you curious about alignment in yoga but confused as to why certain instructions don’t work for you? Each body is unique, and one-sized-fits-all cues for alignment don’t work for everyone. In this class, you will experience an inquiry-based approach to flow and form that invites you to discover your alignment through curiosity, breath, sensation, and adaptation.


Sequences may include standing postures, seated postures, arm balances, and inversions for all levels. You will “work in,” sometimes by adding stability with a prop and other times using it for feedback or resistance. By adapting the postures for your needs, you will discover your capacity for strength/ease and movement/stillness.

The Art of Practice

Over time some students notice a plateau in their yoga practice, and are ready for more specific and customized instruction, introduction to breathing practices, or physical challenge. In a common group class, the teacher is responsible for leading the practice, and can only offer limited suggestions and some customization for you. With this class Luma welcomes you to a unique, personalized experience in a group setting, so that you can take your practice to the next level.


This is a self-led class (scripted sequences will be available) during which Nadine Lollino works directly with each student’s needs, providing individual feedback on alignment, modifications and variations. You will receive customized guidance in poses and props, and enhanced sequences to meet your goals. This is an intermediate level class as some knowledge of posture practice is required. This class is most effective when you attend regularly, as Nadine is able to get to know your goals for your practice, and how best to support you. This class has a flexible start time: Arrive any time between 7 and 7:30am.

Birthing From Within® Childbirth Education

Birthing From Within® classes offer a balance of practical information and creative exploration for childbirth preparation. Through group discussion, breathing and mindfulness practice, videos, and sample scenarios, the class will prepare you with both technical information and the mindset necessary to allow your unique labor experience to unfold. The approach of recognizing that we can influence, but not totally control, how birth happens offers parents the tools necessary to handle pain and intensity as well as to approach birth mindfully.


For more information and to register for the next series, click on our “workshops” tab.

Breath & Flow

Awaken your Sunday morning with the synchronization of breath and movement! The first 20-30 minutes of class are spent gently waking up the body before moving onto the foundations of asana + flowing postures that integrate breath work, strength, balance and awareness. This class is best for students who are new to yoga, moving through injury, or looking to develop a more mindful connection between breath and body.

Breath, Form, and Flow

This is a medium-hard class with a focus on breath (beyond just the mention of it), integrity of form (posture), and flow (transitions) – all in order to develop an awareness of purpose that then informs our practice, and by association, our lives off the mat. Let’s make each practice count, while maintaining a strong sense of humor/wonder. Students should have at least one year of prior yoga experience.

Candlelight Flow

Our Candlelight Flow class offers a nourishing and balanced practice that provides opportunities for both effort and ease. We will begin with a breath-centered flow, exploring strength, balance and awareness, and follow with a gentle transition into restful poses to help you complete the transition into evening. Open to everyone, this all levels class will leave you feeling clear, relaxed, and ready for a good night’s sleep.

Candlelight Yoga & Meditation

Candlelight Yoga & Meditation is a nourishing, balanced yoga practice that offers opportunities to explore gentle breathing exercises, restorative postures, and mindfulness meditation. Open to everyone, this class will leave you feeling calmed and ready for a good night’s sleep.

Candlelight Flow & Restore

Under the glow of candles, Flow and Restore is a nourishing, balanced yoga practice that offers opportunities for both effort and ease. Beginning with a breath-centered flow with an emphasis on building strength, balance and awareness, we will then gently transition into a restorative practice designed to unwind and release mental, emotional and/or physical tension. Open to everyone, this class will leave you feeling revitalized and grounded for a good night’s sleep.

Candlelight Restorative

Make your gentle transition into evening with Candlelight Restorative yoga, a class that is open to everyone and offers long, passive holds (usually 3-5 minutes in length). Comfortable yoga props are used to support the body in various positions in order to deepen the experience of conscious relaxation. Gentle breathing, periods of meditation, and restorative postures will enhance your sense of ease, balance, and acceptance, as well as alleviate symptoms of stress, sleeplessness, chronic pain and/or anxiety.

Chien-Lung Yoga & Meditation

The practice of Chien-Lung exists to help us develop different aspects of ourselves using movement, breathing and meditation. In this class we fuse familiar postural yoga vocabulary with Chien-Lung martial arts movements, experiential-based games, and concepts as a way of bringing the different ‘tonal’ qualities of movement and breathing into our yoga practice. This kind of exploration serves to develop each brain region, system of the body, and aspect of consciousness. In the later portion of the class we slow down in order to integrate what we’ve cultivated with guided and then silent meditation.

This class is open to all levels of experience, including beginners.

Core Vinyasa Yoga

Get ready to sweat! This class will challenge your strength and have you moving, breathing, and sweating. We will focus on building and engaging our core strength to support more advanced postures. Set to energizing music, these 50 minutes will strengthen, balance, and detoxify your body and mind and set you on a path for a clear and steady day ahead.

Crawler & Me

Is your baby on the move? Take advantage of this unique opportunity to keep your yoga practice going and engage your little mover. Crawler + Me yoga class enables the parent or childcare provider to practice yoga in a supportive environment. Squirmy, exploring babies are incorporated into the class through interactive exercises and songs. It only sounds impossible, we promise! This class is appropriate for any level of yoga experience. Beginners welcome!

Creative Movement & Meditation for Kids

In this fun & expressive class children are guided in movement to music, encouraging community and mind-body connection. Breathing and gratitude meditations enrich the experience as we develop our awareness together. Fundamental dance basics, structured improvisation exercises, and meditation support children’s emotional, social, physical, and creative health.

Creative Yoga for Kids (3-7 yrs.)

Based on the Luma Kids Yoga Teacher Training model, each class offers age appropriate yoga, music and exploration of movement. Classes will have consistent themes each month and will also include activities such as literature, non-competitive games, dance, art and appreciation of nature. Guided visualizations, breath work and deep relaxation will be offered to promote a sense of calmness and well-being. By learning how to use their bodies and their breath to both relax and energize themselves, students gain a sense of empowerment in their bodies and life.

Deep Chill Vinyasa

The most delicious (and just a bit challenging) of classes. A 40-minute serving of warming, strengthening and opening Luma-style flow, lathered with 20 minutes of yin yoga (deep, intense stretching in longer holds with lots of props to support) and a 20-minute restorative asana topping. YUM. Perfect for type A’s who want to move and who also want to deeply chill out and relax. This class is designed to help you float off your mat into your evening. All levels welcome!

Family Yoga

These classes offer a unique approach by blending yoga and family bonding! Laughter and love fill each class and are sure to inspire and nurture the entire family’s relationship.

Pricing: 2 for 1 rates apply for non-members. ($20 for 1 child + 1 adult, 3rd family member pays drop-in rate + 4th family member is free).

Fatherhood & Co-Parenting

Fatherhood and Co-parenting explores the five key relationships in our lives as parents and partners. The goal of our time together is to promote parent-child relationship, nurture couple and co-parenting relationship, explore the individual relationship, strengthening extended family and community relationship to improve our social capital. Each evening is designed and facilitated to foster a teaching and learning environment that promotes peer-to-peer education and support, while building on one’s personal reflection, experience, and wisdom, and is guided by thoughtful curriculum and facilitators. This specialty class is offered on sliding scale and is free for Luma members. Drop ins welcome & encouraged.

Flow & Form

This replenishing yoga class strikes a balance of Sthira & Sukham (effort & ease). It is inspired by classical yoga, alignment & anatomical study, breath-based flow, functional movement, and somatic practices. You will explore and experiment with yoga props as a way to offer feedback, support, and nourishment to your body. You will begin with supported sliding & gliding movements that build into some combination of standing poses, seated postures, supported arm balances, and inversions for all levels. You will frequently use the wall and yoga chairs to approach the yoga poses in unique ways.

Flow, Form & Fire

Do you want to build heat and intensity slowly and mindfully in your practice? You will begin this class lying on your back with a series of supported movements that build the fires of attention gradually. You will then explore dynamic standing postures blending flow and form to connect you to your inner strength. Props become tools that offer information and feedback as you slide and resist in new ways. The sequences will build to the occasional arm balance and inversion while emphasizing the foundations of yoga and movement.

Friday Night Flow

Clear your body of the week’s stress and tension with this playful Friday evening class. We will begin with a heating, invigorating flow followed by a final deep cool down designed to facilitate relaxation and help you unwind. Breathing practice, playful and creative sequencing, and a deep Savasana will leave you feeling rejuvenated, and ready to take on the weekend.

Gentle Flow

Promoting the profound benefits of breath-linked movement, Gentle Flow will integrate slow sun salutations with postures that encourage ease, balance, and stability. This class is well suited for those students who are looking for a slower practice, new to yoga, moving through injury, or looking to develop a deeper breath/body connection.

Gentle Flow & Restore

This class is a less strenuous beginner’s yoga class. Those students who have trouble getting up and down from the floor will be accommodated with exercises adapted to sitting in a chair. Gentle yoga is appropriate for anyone. The pace is slow and the instruction offers a tender approach to the postures. Class ends with restorative, supportive postures on the floor.

Groovaroo Dance

All dancers are welcome! Pregnant or have a baby in arms? You can come too! We’ll be doing easy dances with a emphasis on creating a safe, sacred and soulful dance experience for adults, babies, and children (ages 6+ works best for kiddos).

Classes are appropriate for all levels of dance experience, including beginners. Caregivers with babies from 3 months+ (or as long as baby is comfortable being worn), are invited to join all GroovaRoo Dance™ classes. For caregivers with babes in arms we welcome you to arrive in your own ergonomic, 2-shoulder carrier where baby can face in, heart to heart. If you need help with your carrier or would like to use a demo carrier from our library, please arrive 15 minutes early so that you can be wrapped and ready to begin. This is a time to connect with others, bond with your baby, and get down with your bad self.

Hatha Flow

Hatha Flow explores classical Hatha yoga techniques that integrate mindful transitions, breath, and steady postures to encourage ease, balance, and stability. This class is well suited for those students who are looking for a slow to moderate practice, newer to yoga, or working with injuries.

Inner Fire Flow

Inner Fire Flow is an all-levels vinyasa flow practice that will help you to build heat from the inside out through breathe work and a strong flow. Classes are inventive and thoughtful sequences of sun salutations, standing & seated postures, core work (there’s that fire!), back bending and inversions – guided by a steady breath to tone and calm the mind. Repeating shapes and skill builders will lead up to a peak posture (with lots of options and stages to practice), all anchored in alignment work that will help grow your overall yoga practice. Wind down with some stretchy goodness and a great savasana (final relaxation), and leave with a deep connection to your own interior landscape. Challenging, yet easeful, this practice will get your day started with inner awareness and outer glow!

Kids Yoga

Luma’s Kid’s Yoga classes include a creative mix of yoga, song, art, storytelling, imaginative games, and gratitude. The class encourages the development of the whole child; offering energetic activities, emotion exploration, and guided visualizations for relaxation, calm and well-being. By learning how to use yoga to both relax and energize themselves, students gain a sense of empowerment in their bodies and build introspective tools for their growing minds.

Luma Prenatal Happy Hour

Each month Luma hosts curated talks with local professionals teaching on all things prenatal! The Luma Prenatal Happy Hour offers a wide range of topics, from pre-birth fitness to acupuncture, from information on homebirths to writing birth plans. Open to all expectant couples, these sessions are a great way to connect with other growing families and add to your pre-birth toolkit. Come with questions and leave feeling relaxed and prepared for the journey to come.


For information on upcoming topics and teachers, and to register, please click on the “workshops” tab.

Mindful Flow

The goal of this class: help you move confidently in your daily life and to enjoy the world in the body you’re in! This class combines mindful attention with strength, mobility, and functional movement. This playful-yet-strong practice is designed to help move you through ranges of motion in creative ways, all within a vinyasa yoga framework. Breathwork is central to this class, as is feeling sensations in the body, using props in creative ways to provide assistance and challenge, and exploring new twists on the traditional yoga practice for greater movement variation and active strength. This class is suitable for every body — Beginners are welcome, as are long-time yoga practitioners who want to identify weaknesses and compensation patterns in the body and approach them with curiosity and inquiry in a new way.

Meditation Circle

Meditation practice is a journey of self-discovery that utilizes your own life force to awaken a sense of ‘Being’ and access solace. In this class we will use (comfortable) seated or reclined positions and stillness to rejuvenate and revive us so that we may access our inner resources as foundation for the week ahead. Whether novice or veteran this class will provide you an opportunity to sit, breathe, and reflect with the support and accountability of a group. Drawing from an “oldie but goodie” When Things Fall Apart by Pema Chödrön (Tibetan Buddhism), we will begin each session with an introduction to a particular theme or topic followed with 20 minutes of seated meditation and a short check-out.

MELT® Level 1

Are you longing for a deep sense of calm in mind and body? The MELT Method harmonizes the body’s connective tissue system (called fascia) and the nervous system, settling both body and mind. Participants often report increased body awareness, less tension, and a sensation of fitting better in their own skin after class. MELT’s gentleness is the key to its powerful effects. Click here to learn more about the MELT Method®.

MELT® Level 1/2

Ready to go deeper into the body’s “soft skeleton”? We restore suppleness to tight areas and bring elasticity to loose areas in this MELT offering. Class moves at a good clip and includes advanced sequences designed to bring freedom to all sides of the shoulder, fluidity to hip movement, and evenness in the core. You’ll finish this class feeling refreshed and ready to effortlessly move through the rest of your day. Click here to learn more about the MELT Method®.

MELT® Performance

Harness the restorative powers of focused strength work and coordinated breathwork. MELT Performance reintegrates and re-patterns areas of the body that are sleeping or forgotten, either due to old injury or just the repetitive motions of daily life. This class has a rhythm to it: intensely focused mental and physical work (with bands or bodyweight) interspersed with delicious fascial release using the perfectly suited MELT soft roller. Athletes (including yogis) find this a great rest-day tune-up, and people with low back pain often find its effects magical. Keep coming once you feel better! Click here to learn more about the MELT Method®.

MELT®, Move & Meditate

This class we will begin with rehydrating the connective tissue in the feet to increase an over all sense of being grounded, flexible and balanced. From this new state, we will move into a flow of postures combined with breath awareness that will release stress, stimulate the movement of energy in the body and calm the mind. MELT rollers will be used to bring the neuro-fascial system of our bodies back into balance before we drop into a long guided relaxation. Click here to learn more about the Melt Method®.

MELT® & Restore

Bring balance to your hectic week with this soothing class. We’ll practice a blend of myofascial release using the MELT® balls and rollers for 50 minutes, followed by 30 minutes of blissful restorative poses done primarily on the floor to help release the effects of daily stress. Areas where the body normally holds tension, including the neck, shoulders, and hips, will be given particular attention. Come away feeling relaxed, recharged, and renewed. This combination class is a great fit for individuals with chronic pain, injuries, or for those who simply want to enhance their sense of ease and well-being as they transition into the weekend. Click here to learn more about the MELT Method®.

Movers & Makers

In this hour and 20 minute class, Ilana Ingber and Caitlin Berry will guide students age 7-11 years in a combination of yoga, art, and connection experiences with the intention of cultivating playful self study and an inclusive friendship building community. Each week will center around a different theme (growth mindset, risk taking, self love, collaboration, etc.). Students will be invited to explore their power through yoga practice and art challenges. Art making exercises may include drawing, painting, and collage as a means to self express and practice positive self talk. Students will be led to self reflect, self accept, and celebrate differences in one another. Ultimately, all activities will be facilitated with the intention of creating a more compassionate inner and outer world and having fun at the same time!

Movement Lab All Levels Yoga

In this all level yoga class, students are offered modifications and variations to take their practice at their own level.  Each week we investigate different perspectives of how the practice on the mat can assist us in these difficult times. Meditation, breath awareness, and a focused approach to physically opening the body offers more balance and clarity during these times.

Music & Movement

Utilizing a mixture of nursery rhymes, classic & contemporary tunes and songs designed for learning and play, children ages 6 months to 3 years are invited to sing along and express themselves creatively through movement and sound, experimenting with different instruments and percussion. This interactive class promotes listening, sharing, smiles and dancing! Caregivers are encouraged to join in! This class is a great introduction to basic rhythm and melody and supports early motor development, while simultaneously sparking a lifelong love of music!

Natural Labor: Comfort Express

In this express workshop, parents will experience each phase of labor through movement, breath-awareness, massage, and partner support. You will learn how your baby, your pelvis, your mind, and a support partner can work together in bringing your baby earth-side.

Our 2-day workshop is designed for:

  • parents who want more exposure to tricks and tools that can support natural childbirth after taking a hospital class, but do not have the time for an additional full series
  • parents who are birthing and want a chance to connect with this pregnancy in preparation for growing your family

Registration for this class includes a free birth rebozo to be used in pregnancy, labor and the 4th trimester. A rebozo is a long, woven fabric used for comfort in pregnancy, progress in labor, and baby wearing.

New Mom + Baby Connection

Nancy Greenwood, and guest facilitators, share their combined years of experience at our weekly Mom and Baby Support Circle. Every family presents their own unique situations and challenges, and this is a time to get together with other new moms in a group setting to explore and discuss the tips & tricks of parenting, successful feeding, self care, and much more. This group meets every Thursday at 12:00 pm. Drop-ins welcome. This group is FREE!

Next Level Vinyasa

Ready to take your practice to the next level, but not sure how? Come and grow your yoga practice in a supportive group environment specifically designed to help you develop your practice. This group practice revolves around a set vinyasa flow sequence that is repeated each week so that students can build on what they have practiced in the past. The sequence incorporates many familiar poses, as well as more challenging postures (such as arm balances, inversions, and backbends). The instructor practices with the group, and we often stop to break down a posture in more detail to learn steps, tricks, variations, and skill builders.The sequence is designed to build strength, remove toxins, improve balance, and develop mobility. Though there is serious studentship in this class, we also encourage laughter and a casual approach to practice that is light and easy with no pressure. Students should have at least one year of regular yoga experience, and a desire to explore advanced postures.


Our Playschool is designed to be a fun loving, enriching environment for children ages 6 months to 6 years. Our care philosophy is play-based and honors your developing child’s need to explore their environment, learn social skills as they engage with other children, develop trusting relationships with adults outside of their family, and enjoy an array of activities, such as art projects, puzzle work, playing with wooden toys, number/color/word games, song & dance time with musical instruments, reading, circle time, and creative movement.

Playschool is made available for the children of parents enrolled in either classes or services here Luma. You can relax and enjoy your class, massage or other treatment knowing that your child is discovering new ways of being in the world!

What to Bring:

  • A snack/drink (nut-free)
  • A water bottle
  • Diapers/wipes (please have your child arrive in a clean diaper)
  • Extra change of clothes

Postnatal Yoga

Tailored for those who have recently given birth, this class is appropriate for all levels of yoga experience, including beginners. The focus of this class is on the mother, primary caregiver, and partners and babies who are not yet crawling are welcome in the room as well. This is a time to come together with others, bond with your baby, and sneak in a little yoga too. Your are welcome to feed, soothe, and change your baby as needed during class if they are coming along.

Postnatal Yoga (with Crawlers)

Is your baby on the move? Take advantage of this unique opportunity to keep your yoga practice going and engage your little mover. Postnatal Yoga with Crawlers enables the parent or childcare provider to practice yoga in a supportive environment. Squirmy, exploring babies ages 6 – 14 months are incorporated into the class through interactive exercises and songs. It only sounds impossible, we promise! This class is appropriate for any level of yoga experience. Beginners welcome!

Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal yoga focuses on developing strength and flexibility, learning how to relax, and increasing breath awareness in order to experience a comfortable pregnancy, and prepare for birth and recovery. Those expecting  with little or no yoga experience as well as those with an existing yoga practice are equally welcome. Many of the teachers at Luma have experience teaching pregnant individuals and will accommodate those expecting in any class. The prenatal classes, however, are specifically designed to address the unique physical and energetic needs of those who are either trying to conceive or are currently pregnant.

Prenatal Yoga & Movement

Linking yoga postures with your breath and pelvic movements to the rhythm of your heart, this new Prenatal Yoga & Movement Class, led by Amber Anjali, will help you strengthen your uterus and pelvic muscles, improve your circulation, open up your spine and create a bond with baby as you prepare for the beautiful journey of labor and birth. Let’s move, bond and love!

Combined Pre/Postnatal Yoga

Tailored for expecting and new parents, this combined Pre/Postnatal class offers a safe space for building community and practice. This is time that welcomes you to connect with your baby, share experiences of parenthood, and develop strength and movement in your body. No prior yoga experience necessary!

Pre-Tween Yoga

In this class, kids in Grades 3 & 4 are invited into the enchanting world of yoga through inspired age-appropriate themes. Pre-tweens will practice poses, play, and delve into relaxation and meditation. Come discover how yoga can connect you to peace, play, healthy living, and supportive communities.

Smiling Heart Qigong

Qigong in general is a very simple & enjoyable way to promote wellness in body, mind, & Spirit.  Practicing Qigong on a regular basis will assist the practitioner in improving many chronic health issues including–but not limited to–neck and back pain, osteoarthritis, hypertension, asthma, and many digestive disorders.  Thus, Qigong has earned the reputation as a ‘longevity exercise.’ Smiling Heart Qigong in particular is so named because of its strong tendency to tap into feelings of innate happiness & openness in practitioners.  In this gentle moving-and-breathing workout participants will be lead through a narrative flow of about 10-15 different forms that nourish the Heart, Lung, & Kidney-Qi which are each specifically designed to reduce anxiety, strengthen immunity, and build sustained energy for your day.  No previous experience necessary.

Sun Salutations Flow

This class is a blend of the traditional Surya Namskar sequences, and other movements and postures designed to warm and energize us for the day ahead. Sun Salutations Flow promotes both balance and strength. Modifications are offered for beginners or those less flexible, while more experienced yogis will be able to easily find challenge. This class is all-levels, but may not be appropriate for the brand new student. One year of regular yoga practice is recommended.

Tall Toddler & Me

This class is designed for parents and their children ages 2, 3 & 4. Classes combine kid friendly yoga, parent and me partner poses, songs, stories, visualizations and deep relaxation to create an enriching experience for both parents and kids. Each class is designed to create a comfortable environment for your child to engage in social interaction, move their body, and play! Parents also get to do a little yoga. No yoga experience required.

Teen Yoga

In this class, teens age 13-17 years explore yoga poses, breathing techniques, meditation, and relaxation so as to develop strength and flexibility in their mind and body. Teens will learn about the physical and philosophical practice of traditional yoga through journaling, group discussions, and activities. These classes are designed to create an optimal environment to support the development of positive self-esteem, body awareness, and stress management skills.

Tiny Toddler & Me

This class is designed for parents and their little ones ages 1 – 2. Here’s a great opportunity to have fun with your energetic toddler! These classes offer tot-centric songs, poses and activities that enhance a fun-loving relationship. Parents model the use of music with movement which encourages and supports toddlers’ mobility and exploration. During class, early walkers playfully practice yoga postures while sitting, standing, crawling, walking, and jumping. Parents also get to do a little yoga. No yoga experience required.

Transformational Breath®

Transformational Breath® is a consciously connected breathing technique that works on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. With a continued practice you may begin to notice a more open breath pattern, more peace and joy in your life, and a deeper connection to your heart. When you experience the power of Transformational Breath® you also set intentions for your own breathing practice, use sound (toning) and affirmations to assist in opening the breath, while integrating any past traumas, limiting beliefs, or subconsciously held patterns. All are welcome, no previous experience necessary. Please wear loose comfortable clothing and bring a yoga mat. You may also choose to bring a cozy blanket, and a pillow for your comfort.

Tummy Time™

This is a special light-hearted and relaxed series of classes for parents and infants (4 weeks – 4 months). Tummy Time™ classes are designed to teach parents hands-on skills they can use at home. Classes incorporate infant massage and baby yoga as a way to help babies explore movement and get comfortable being on their belly. Rest assured that all parent/child duos move at their own pace, and breaks are welcome and encouraged for feeding, changing, and resting.


Offered a few times per year, click on our “workshops” tab for more information and to register for the next series.

Tween Yoga

In this class, kids age 10-13 are invited into the enchanting world of yoga through inspired age-appropriate themes. Tweens will practice poses, play, and delve into relaxation and meditation. Come discover how yoga can connect you to peace, play, healthy living, and supportive communities.

Vinyasa Yoga- All Levels

Vinyasa yoga is the traditional form of yoga in which the coordination of movement with breath is integral. Postures are practiced to align, strengthen, and promote flexibility in the body. Additional breathing techniques and meditation are also commonly practiced. Each of our instructors shapes the focus, pace, and structure of the practice with their unique teaching style. All Levels classes are open to beginning and intermediate students.

Vinyasa Yoga - Level 2

Vinyasa yoga is the traditional form of yoga in which the coordination of movement with breath is integral. Postures are practiced to align, strengthen, and promote flexibility in the body. Additional breathing techniques and meditation are also commonly practiced. Each of our instructors shapes the focus, pace, and structure of the practice with their unique teaching style. Level 2 is an intermediate class. This class is not appropriate for beginners.

Yoga Flow

Yoga Flow embodies a comprehensive flow yoga practice along with opportunities to explore transitions and unique movement possibilities. This class features moments of silence, and guided meditations along with postural flows. This class is for anyone who desires a more authentic ways of moving and have some fun in the process.

Yoga - Level 1/2

Our Yoga Level 1/2 is the traditional form of yoga in which postures are practiced to align, strengthen, and promote flexibility in the body. Breathing techniques and meditation are also commonly practiced. All classes on the Luma schedule are hatha yoga in nature, and each of our instructors shape the focus, pace, and structure of the practice with their unique teaching style. Level 1/2 is a beginner-intermediate class. Those students brand new to yoga are welcome, as are those with a regular practice.

Yoga + Mindfulness for Cancer

Whether you’re newly diagnosed, receiving treatment, in remission, or cured, we invite you to join us. The goal of the class is to provide an opportunity for all participants to feel a sense of peace, power, and strength. The class features a healing combination of yoga postures, deep breathing, and meditation designed to enhance both physical and emotional wellness.


These classes are sponsored by Palo Alto Medical Foundation (PAMF) and available for free to PAMF clients only. Wednesday’s class is for women only. Friday’s class is for all survivors as well as their partners and/or caretakers.