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Mother-to-Be Bliss Package

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Please review this information before using our scheduler below to book your wellness treatment. Appointments can only be made online up to 30 days in advance, so please contact us directly for more options.

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At Luma, we in bring some of the best professionals in the wellness industry that are trained and experienced in a variety of modalities including Swedish, Shiatsu, and Deep Tissue Massage, Acupressure, Acupuncture, Craniosacral Therapy, Aromatherapy, emotional support, breath-work, and various movement therapies. Their skill allows them to expertly draw on these complementary influences to create a session uniquely designed for you.



Luma is proud to host skillful practitioners to guide you through a healing experience with a massage that is personally designed to give you the most effective treatment possible for your body. Regular massage benefits include increased circulation, enhanced immune system, reduced stress, improved mood, relieves muscle & joint pain, and so much more.

Prenatal Massage

Wellness enhancing for both mother and baby, prenatal massage is truly a vital element of holistic prenatal care. Prenatal massage improves circulation and mobility, eases muscular and joint pain, aids digestion, reduces swelling, relieves stress, and encourages a sense of calm and well-being. In a given prenatal session, massage therapists utilize a blend of safe and appropriate bodywork techniques to create optimal, individually tailored results.

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½ Lotus Massage Membership

1 Massage per Month

60 or 90 min options available

Lotus Massage Membership

1 Massage per Month

60 or 90 min options available

Massagefor Acute Care

4 massages in 1 month

60 or 90 min options available

*1 month expiration, Sorry! No extensions


Acupuncture is increasingly used to treat stress, acute and chronic pain, digestive, respiratory, and neurological issues. Luma’s in-house acupuncturists combine acupuncture with herbal therapy and nutrition, and can order labs when needed to facilitate an integrated approach to wellness.


Acupuncture’s application in fertility patients has gained notoriety in the past two decades. Research continues to show the significant effect that acupuncture has in increasing pregnancy rates in couples using IVF/IUI (in vitro fertilization and intra uterine insemination). Whether trying to conceive naturally or with the aid of western medicine, women and couples are treated for at least three months in order to impact both egg and sperm.


Pre-birth acupuncture treatments are weekly sessions beginning at 36 weeks. Treatments help to gently ripen the cervix and address physical and emotional concerns. Labor induction with acupuncture after 40 weeks is more effective when preceded by pre-birth treatments. Our Pre-Birth Acupuncture Package, which you can purchase below, includes 6 treatments beginning at 36 weeks. Acupuncture treatments can cover a wide-range of symptoms during all trimesters of pregnancy including morning sickness, low back pain and breech presentation.


We are pleased to announce that Anne Chiaramonte is now billing eligible insurance plans for her acupuncture services. Please inquire with our staff for more details, 831-325-2620. For more information about Anne’s practice, including how to verify your insurance benefits, please see Anne’s website Arrive Reproductive Medicine.

Allergy & Stress Relief Package

with Anne Chiaramonte, L.Ac.

21-Day Program includes six

treatments and 15% off detox supplements

Comprehensive Fertility Care

with Anne Chiaramonte, L.Ac.

3+ months of

personalized treatment

Pre Birth PrepAcupuncture

with Anne Chiaramonte, L.Ac.

labor prep during weeks 36-40

6 sessions

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Luma’s Meet the Mat Package is the ultimate way to kick off or reinvigorate your yoga practice. Enjoy a 60-minute private session with one of our senior instructors to kick off 1 month of unlimited yoga! Then, close the month with a 30-minute private session to review goals and make a plan for your continued wellness. All for only $175, which is a savings of over $100. Yes, I want to Meet the Mat!