This blog post will be updated regularly with additional resources for families who are Sheltering in Place. Please check back when you can to see what else we have added.


All health and wellness to you and yours,


~Nina Hoffer, Luma’s Playschool Manager & Assistant Studio Manager


Busy Toddler


One awesome mom and former teacher, created Busy Toddler to entertain her children at home with a wide variety of projects for her busy little bees with the intention of “making it to naps, one activity at a time”. With a library full of educational and play-based activities for your young children, you will find the best activities for both indoor and outdoor activities. Don’t be fooled by the name; she has activities for preschoolers, kindergarteners, and even 12-year-olds!


Some guides that might be particularly helpful at this time:

    • Her e-book “Playing Preschool: 190 Days of At-Home Learning”
    • Daily schedule: A realistic plan while home for COVID-19
    • 35 activities to break up the day


Prepared Parents


The folks at Prepared Parents are aware of the overwhelming job of becoming parents, teacher, and employee all in one. Not only is this a wonderful hub of resources, but you can sign up to receive daily bite-size tips that seem digestible and do-able; one tip I personally loved is the daily check-in check-out tip: Checking in with your kids in the morning to help your children get grounded and name their emotions, and checking out at the end of the day to share gratitude and takeaways. Although the days seem to be blending together lately, and a Sunday might feel exactly the same as a Monday, you might be surprised by the different emotions and observations your child shares with you. Their five main tools for you while you conquer your current jobs as parent/teacher/employee go as such:


              1. Self-direction: Make a plan
              2. Collaboration: Get your kids involved
              3. Curiosity: Put technology to work
              4. Resilience: Practice mindfulness and reflect
              5. Purpose: Explore interests



Harvard University Center of the Developing Child


Child development experts from Harvard University have put together podcasts, scientific information, and interesting reads for parents during the pandemic.

The question is not whether we will get through the ordeal that lies ahead—because we will. The important questions are how well we can work together to protect all young children and their families and how much we will learn from this unprecedented challenge and make necessary changes for the future.”



Little Lotus Learning with LeAnne Devol


LeAnne Devol of Little Lotus Learning is now offering virtual academic support sessions via Zoom. She has 9 years of educational experience ranging from classroom teaching to tutoring while acquiring her Masters in Curriculum and Instruction.


LeAnne works with elementary students in kindergarten through sixth grade and in multiple subject areas. She has a passion for integrating mindfulness practices and a growth mindset in an effort to support student learning as well as connect thought to action. Sessions are tailored to meet the needs of the individual and goals are set with the parent, student, and in some cases their classroom teacher. LeAnne is currently offering her sessions on a sliding scale! Visit her website to learn more and to set-up a free 10-minute phone consultation.


LeAnne also teaches Tween & Teen Yoga at Luma! You can find her on Zoom on Mondays at 4:00 PM during this shelter-in place.


Santa Cruz Virtual Library


Santa Cruz Public Library has compiled lots of amazing and free educational resources for you and your child. Some things you can find from their website:


  • Educational games & craft ideas
  • Virtual field trips
  • Tools for parents for at-home learning & talking to your child about coronavirus
  • Author read-alouds with the authors of your kid’s favorite books!
  • Homework help
  • Live fish cam of the fish in the SC public library aquarium! 


Nature Activities


As we are confined to our small circles at home, we should be reminded that the outdoors as a playground is not off limits! This author has shared ideas that offer a silver lining for these crazy times of social distancing and isolation: more time for family and more opportunities for being in nature.


Santa Cruz Helpers!


In light of the recent Covid-19 pandemic, three amazing Santa Cruz residents created this community driven site to ask for or provide assistance to your Santa Cruz County neighbors. Our very own member and friend, Steven Rankin, is one of these outstanding three.


Here are some resources you can find on their website:


  • Meal and grocery support 
  • Services and educational resources for children 
  • Resources for seniors
  • Government resources
  • Volunteer opportunities for local organizations


This wonderful website is brand new, so be sure to sign up for their emails for more resource opportunities!


Backpocket Learning


BackPocket Learning is a collection of activities that every garden educator or parent should have in their “Back Pocket”. 


The activities referenced on this searchable directory are based on the following criteria:


  • Minimal materials needed. Most everything you need to do these activities you already have.
  • Ease of implementation. 
  • Encourages outdoor exploration such as stepping out on your porch, in your yard or garden. 
  • Healthy, plant-based recipes with easily accessible ingredients.
  • Not screen-based (with the exception of some instructional videos). is curated and maintained by Life Lab. For over 40 years Life Lab has cultivated children’s love of learning, healthy food, and nature through garden-based education