By Robin Penney


Las Vegas. Puerto Rico. Northern California. Our country being totally controlled by money. It’s been an overwhelming year and yes, there is exhaustion.



We are learning resiliency. Strength. Practice. Making calls, educating ourselves, having conversations.


This isn’t perfect. I feel as if I have been doing almost nothing except take care of myself and my family (the American way!), and it makes me think back to some work I did with my Sanskrit teacher, Manorama.


In one of her Teleclass series on the Yoga Sutras, we were discussing addictions and cravings and the ego and much more, and she called us to be generous. To be generous in a way that goes beyond the normal bounds of generosity. To ask “What can I do for others?” This is one way we move beyond suffering. Much more to this, but we’ll keep it simple here.


We must take care of ourselves right now for sure, AND the emotional needs of those around us (i.e. our children, our families) needs to be our top priority. How do we do that?


As moms, we take care of our children. And to extent that we can, we take care of children in the world who don’t have advocates, for whatever reason. We teach them ease and resiliency.


I listened to this wonderful podcast on Mindfulness in the Classroom this week. Wow, so many great and simple lessons there. One big statement that this teacher, Kristie Burnett, shared, relating to how she teaches the 9 and 10-year olds she works with was, “It’s our job to remember who we are as people.”


This really gave me some good insight into how simple it can be to share what I’m doing, pass on some things, weave it into our family rituals, if I really try.

“This isn’t social activism,” I tell myself. Or is it?


If I can help my children through their teen years, support their mental health, give them tools – isn’t that an act of social consciousness? And the same with each of the students in my classes. As Amy Ippoliti teaches, each yoga class has the opportunity to be “90 Minutes to Change the World.” Not heavy-handed preaching or political stances. Just me, helping each person around me to be:


A little more at ease.

A little more resilient.

A little less reactionary.


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