Did you know that Luma Yoga offers childcare? Does your child frequent one or many of our weekly childcare sessions? We hope you will find this information useful if you have children who’ve attended our childcare in the past, as well as considering this service and to learn about what we have to offer.


But first, a little about me!


You may have seen me behind the front desk, in the childcare studio, or beside you in class. My name is Nina Hoffer and I both manage the Childcare Program and work the Front Desk here at Luma Yoga. I started with Luma as a member of the childcare staff in August of 2016, and Luma has, as many of you have also experienced, offered me a unique and warm community here in Santa Cruz. Born and raised in Los Angeles, I graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Cognitive Science at UCSC in June 2018, and am now preparing myself for Nurse Midwifery school. I share my time with Luma working as a nanny to many wonderful families around Santa Cruz.  I am educated in child and infant development, have many years of experience as a sleepaway camp counselor and coordinator for children from third to ninth grade, and I’ve nannied for families with newborns up to preteens, since I was a preteen myself! Following the footsteps and tools brought to me by our beloved co-founder, Lynda Meeder, and with years of experience working with children, we have developed an appropriate and fun curriculum for childcare at Luma.


When can I use childcare?


Childcare is currently offered six days a week, and is designed for children six months to six years old. We accept up to nine children on Mondays, and up to six children every other day of the week. Parents take advantage of this time to either take a yoga class, enjoy one of our many wellness treatment options, or to simply sit with a cup of tea and a book in the lounge. Childcare is meant for parents or caretakers who are enjoying our services onsite at Luma. View our childcare schedule!


Help us improve with your feedback.


Our childcare program is ever-evolving, as needs and availabilities of our clients change. Please take a moment to complete this 3-minute survey, formulated for you to share with us specific times of day that you would take advantage of childcare. Feedback helps us grow, and we would love to hear from you. We recognize that nap time, school, and everything in between is overwhelmingly unpredictable, and Luma wants you to feel supported through it all.


Can I afford Luma’s childcare?


You might be thinking, “But Nina, $20 for one childcare session adds up!!” It’s true that childcare may seem pricey if you are only ever taking advantage of our childcare drop-in classes at random. However, we have multiple payment options for childcare that are far more affordable for those seeking regular care. In addition to a non-committal single childcare session, you could opt to have your child become their own Luma member, of which there are many options, or you can purchase 10-pack childcare bundle. Both of these make childcare significantly more affordable. Our 10-pack childcare bundle is $140 ($14/session) and can be used however you wish over three months time. Of course, our very best deals are in any of our Luma memberships, which can cut the cost of a drop-in childcare session nearly in half. For example, if you sign your child up for our All Inclusive Kids’ Membership, you could be paying as little has $6.50 per childcare session–that’s far cheaper than any babysitter I know! The beauty of a Kids’ Membership is that it can be applied to both childcare as well as kids’ yoga classes! Additionally, if your little one has never been to childcare or a yoga class with us before, they can qualify for our New Student Challenge–$39 for 10 sessions over the course of three weeks. That could be 10 sessions for less than $4 each, and will give you lots of opportunities to introduce them to childcare at Luma!


Making childcare work is a process of trial and error!


If you have tried to bring your little one to childcare before, and for some reason it didn’t work for you or your kiddo, please don’t hesitate to reach out. My biggest piece of advice would be to try, and try again. Adjusting to childcare is a process of trial and error, and we find more often than not, that children soon get over the transition into childcare and end up never wanting to leave! Our childcare staff is trained in acclimating new children and their parent/caretaker to childcare, as it is extremely important to us that both you and your child feel safe and comfortable. If there is ever an issue or your baby/child needs parental comfort, someone from the front desk will always get you from wherever you are in the studio, and you will never be far away!


Have I convinced you yet?


Here are a few tips to make childcare a successful experience:

  • Bring a bottle of water and a peanut-free snack. Even if your child has recently eaten, sometimes they surprisingly become very hungry once they see their friends eating 🙂 We strongly discourage sharing of foods as well for allergy reasons.
  • If your child has an allergy of any kind, or if there is any information you believe would support our childcare employee in taking care of your child, please let the working childcare employee know at the beginning of class.
  • Feel free to bring a toy or blanket that might be comforting for your child
  • Sign up in advance if possible to save your child’s spot; if your kiddo has never been to the studio before, plan on attending at least 15 minutes early to get them registered, and to introduce them to the studio, toys, and people so that you can enjoy your time as well. 


What if I still have questions?


If you have any questions regarding childcare, feel free to give the studio a call, chat with anyone on our front desk team, or email me any time at [email protected]. Always remember, we are here to support you! 

Take our survey! 


Please take moment to fill out our 3-minute survey with your childcare preferences. Your participation is greatly appreciated!