By Kate Green Tripp


So what exactly is Luma all about? We get this question a lot at the studio and always love the opportunity to give an answer. Because our mission is, and isn’t, simple. And our function is, and isn’t, obvious. To borrow an overused and lesser-understood expression, Luma represents a new paradigm. We do things a little differently.


We are a Yoga Studio. We teach yoga to adults, toddlers, teenagers, folks with injuries, pregnant women, school groups, families, and women with cancer to name a few. Our classes vary in scope, level, and style. We sell mats and props and books about yoga. We run workshops. We train teachers. We eat, sleep, and breathe postures and method. That is our trade.




We are an Urban Retreat. We are the place you can’t wait to visit for that service you so desperately need – be it massage, acupuncture, nutrition, lactation support, craniosacral therapy, aromatherapy, birth/postpartum support, yoga therapy, or movement therapy. We sell essential oils, nutritional supplements, herbal tinctures, beautifully crafted jewelry, handmade greeting cards, and adorably stylish, locally made must-haves for all the loved ones in your life (including yourself!)




We are a Family Center. At any point on any day at Luma, you can buy a magic wand or a pacifier. You can register for a birthing class or nurse your baby in our cozy lounge. Your toddler can pee on a small potty in our bathroom and your teenager can surf the web on our wireless network while drinking herbal tea. And you can hand your baby to a member of our smiling, singing childcare staff so that you can take yoga class in the adjacent studio. Did we mention our support groups, family yoga classes, and parenting seminars?


And there’s more – lots more. But as this is our very first blog post, we won’t risk exhausting your attention span. Suffice it to say, Luma is a lot of things to a lot of people. And that is how we like it. Come see for yourself!