Movement Therapy

Movement Therapy at Luma is an approach to healing the body which integrates movement and hands-on techniques from Body-Mind Centering®. Movement Therapy is designed to offer clients (babies, children, and adults) pain relief and enhanced well-being with the goal of creating greater ease of motion in daily life as well as in specific activities such as yoga, dance, and athletics.

Countless clients can benefit from this work, including those facing challenges from stiff, sore, and tight muscles, stress, digestion or vascular system issues, obesity, insomnia, back pain of all kinds, depression, anxiety, migraines and other headaches, and TMJ. The therapy is very beneficial for infants with reflux, torticollis, and/or sleep, bonding, and irregular developmental movement issues.

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Members Non-Members
90-min Intake $112.5 $125
60-min Follow-up $81 $90
New Student Package (Intake + Two Follow-up sessions) $225 $250