Aromatherapy is as old and long a rich tradition as any, and in fact was highly revered in ancient Egypt as an accessible and immediate connection to the Divine. Plant medicine is the foundation for ancient traditions like Chinese Acupuncture and Ayurvedic medicine, and was all the world knew before synthetic pharmaceutical drugs began to emerge.

Plants have evolved with humans over thousands of years, and in essential oils, we are using the plants’ own immune system to support our own; they can affect every system of the human body: from the endocrine, to the nervous, circulatory, reproductive.…all of our bodies’ 13 major systems. Essential Oils are tiny, tiny molecules that can pass through the blood brain barrier, and enter through a cell wall where viruses live. All essential oils are anti-bacterial, and many are anti-fungal, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic, and the list continues. What’s important to realize in your own personal holistic health approach, is essential oils are a potent ally in any integrative medicine regimen where the mind and body and spirit are all equally valued and cared for.

Working with our resident Essential Oil Therapist, your 60 minute session will include a foot soak in warm water infused with essential oils specific to your emotional state, a hand or foot massage, and the making of one 10ml essential oil blend. This blend can be simply for aromatic pleasure, your personal 'perfume du jour', or created for a targeted therapeutic use to support physical ailments, infection, and disease. The session ends with a supportive guided visualization.

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Aromatherapy for Kids

Children and youth (even infants) are especially responsive to aromatherapy. Any child old enough to express whether they prefer one scent over another will enjoy an aromatherapy session and can benefit emotionally and therapeutically from a custom blend. A short (30 minutes) Aromatherapy session with Kaysi offers your child the experience of smelling many different oils and responding to them. He or she will receive a 10ml roll-on blend based on their voiced need/preference.

Aromatherapy is an empowering way to offer children a hand in their own health and wellbeing. The organic, natural, and beautifully complex molecular structure found in essential oils serve only to support, protect, detoxify, uplift, and balance. Oils are a fun discovery and practice for all ages. Consider an Aromatherapy Birthday Party!

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Aromatherapy for Conception, Birth and Postpartum

Our sense of smell is 10,000 times stronger than any of our senses. What we smell directly reaches the limbic brain which houses the hypothalamus, the body’s headquarters for emotion, memory, and glandular/hormonal function. When growing a child, birthing a child, and nurturing yourself and a newborn, smell is often heightened, mothers’ awareness levels are acute, and extra support and TLC are absolutely necessary.

Botanical essential oils can fortify all of the processes and stages of becoming a mother, reaching beyond even more common symptoms into the territory of lifting mood, inviting relaxation, and relieving anxiety. Oils can offer a synergistic effect aromatically and topically while nurturing a developing baby toward blossoming and birth. Because new mothers are physically, emotionally, and spiritually taxed and tested, immediate postpartum care is crucial, and the altruistic nature of essential oils offer relief, support, and can be a mothers’ best friend.

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90-min Intake $103.50 $115
60-min Follow-up $85.50 $95
30-min Mini Consult (In Person or Over the Phone) $40.50 $45
30-min Pediatric Session $40.50 $45