Childcare at Luma is designed to be a fun loving and enriching environment for children ages 6 months to 6 years. Our onsite childcare is for the children of parents enrolled in classes or services at Luma. Our care philosophy is play-based, honoring the child’s need to explore their environment, engage with other children, and develop trusting relationships with adults outside of their family.

Activities include daily art projects, puzzle work, play with wooden toys, number/color/word games, song & dance time with musical instruments, reading, circle time, and creative movement.

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What to Bring

  • A snack/drink (nut-free)
  • A water bottle
  • Diapers/wipes (please have your child arrive in a clean diaper)
  • Extra change of clothes

How It Works

  • Parents are charged for childcare by the half-hour, at a rate of $6/30 minutes. You can also purchase a Childcare Bundle and save!
  • Parents may stay with their children for 10-15 minutes to help them transition into care.
  • Parents pay for care at the front desk.
  • Childcare sessions are not prorated. Any time increments over 5 minutes will result in a charge for an additional half hour of care. For example, if the child is in care for 70 minutes, the parent will be charged for 90 minutes of care unless the extra time elapsed while the parent was in the room helping the child transition in or out of care.
  • Childcare is free to Luma members whose children are named on their monthly unlimited class program.
  • Childcare is also free to any child who carries his or own individual membership with a monthly unlimited class program.

Minimizing Separation Anxiety

  • We encourage you to establish goodbye rituals. Rituals are consoling and reassuring. They can be as basic as a special wave, a goodbye kiss, or a goodbye song.
  • Leave without fanfare. Make sure your child knows you will return, say your goodbye, and then leave without stalling.
  • Please know that our childcare providers will provide consistent and nurturing care to make your child feel safe, secure, and comfortable during their time at Luma.


  • Luma will maintain at least a 1:6 care ratio per child (1 care provider for every 6 children, not to exceed 12 children in our childcare space).
  • Four warning system – If a child is struggling to adjust to the setting and acting out, our providers will give a child up to four warnings before we ask the parent to remove their child from the group.
  • Our childcare room is a nut-free environment. If a child has any specific allergies, we must be notified ahead of time to ensure a safe environment for that child.
  • A child must arrive into care wearing a fresh diaper. Our staff will do their best to change dirty diapers. If there is only one person on duty, we may need to call a parent for help.
  • Older children will be guided to the bathroom when needed, and assisted if appropriate.

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Now Offering More Slots!

We've hired additional childcare staff during Valerie's Monday/Wednesday/Friday 9:30am class! We can now care for up to 9 little ones, as opposed to our typical 6, during that time.

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